Founder's Message

A B International School is committed to the cause of quality education, where faculty, staff and administration, in partnership with the parents, students and community are committed to provide a safe and disciplined learning environment that promotes the academic, intellectual, personal and social development of our children. We aim to develop our children into capable, responsible, caring, and ethical world citizens.

To produce the best out of every student, we adhere to holistic and child-centric approach, emphasizing innovative teaching methodology, exclusive & experienced faculty, training sessions, revisions, study material, tests patterns, motivation seminars and more. Besides the factors conscripted above, there is one specific trait we imbibe within our students and it is the 'scientific attitude'.

Great pleasure embraces me as I use this forum once again to communicate with that bracket of society which in togetherness with the school fraternities are entrusted the mammoth task of chiseling the lives of the future generations, it is our privilege, and a huge responsibility I must add, that we as educator and you as parents shoulder-that of educating the young minds and souls.

My team at A B I S believes in providing a comprehensive learning experience to our learners which will make education not only an integral part life but a way of life itself.